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  • Definition
    Friends are people we have fun with and who will support us through tough times

    A healthy friendship has trust and respect.
  • Signs
    Signs of a good friendship include:

    Being supportive of each other
    Being encouraging of each other
    Being considerate of each other
    Including each other in activities and conversations
    Listening when the other wants to talk
    Wanting to help each other
    Not teasing, putting down or bullying each other
    Not putting each other in danger
    Not treating the other less kindly because of their religion or culture
    Allowing each other to be themselves and to express themselves
    Respecting each other disagreeing or saying no
  • Advice
    Changes in relationships are natural but not always easy. If friendships are not going well, we can feel very upset, lonely, rejected and angry. This can then affect how we feel about ourselves, our family life, schoolwork, eating and sleeping. Friendship issues can sometimes lead to more serious problems like depression and self-harm.

    Healthy friendships allow you to be yourself. If you are scared of losing a friendship by being yourself, by standing up for yourself or something you believe is right, then you are not in a healthy relationship.
  • Where can I get help?
    In school you can talk to the following people:
    A friend
    Your Tutor
    Head of House
    Miss Masterman – Pupil Welfare Officer
    Noreen Reid – Pastoral Mentor (Drop in sessions Tuesday & Wednesday during break and lunchtime)

    >In the community:
    Talk to your parents or GP

    Childline (Free) 0800 1111
    Samaritans 116 123